McNeil Repiquet

For decades, MCNEIL REPIQUET has designed and manufactured robust and reliable equipment such as: Internal mixers, Roller mixers, Calenders, Laboratory mixers, Line accessories (cooling drums, reels, measuring system, etc.), Bench machine test. MCNEIL REPIQUET has developed an international reputation as a manufacturer of equipment for the entire rubber and plastics industry, and many first-hand machines are still in service around the world.

Creation of the Manufacture Repiquet in the industrial zone of Paris.


Repiquet becames an SA and forms the company Etablissements Repiquet, specializing in the manufacture of machines for the rubber, fabric and textile industry.


Etablissements Repiquet obtains the license for the construction of Bag-O-Matic presses from the McNeil company.


The company Etablissements Repiquet is developing the activity of machines for the plastics industry, obtaining a manufacturing license from the American firm Adamson United.


Spurred on by the Institut de Développement Industriel, Repiquet merged with the companies Andouart, Samafor and Zelant Gazuit to form EMS Industrie, becoming a leader in the construction market for materials for processing rubber and materials.


Takeover of the business assets of the company Repiquet by the Leroy-Evers SARL group. The company is called EMS Repiquet.


Purchase of the following business assets: – Studies & Manufacturing (cable equipment) – Papenmeier France (Extrusion euipment for tubes and profiles) – Lambda International (Microwave equipment for vulcanization of rubbers).


Complete takeover of EMS Repiquet from I.D.I, changing its corporate name to McNeil Akron Repiquet. Under the leadership of its new manager, the company prospered and filed 5 new patents placing its equipment at the head of international competition.


McNeil Akron Repiquet moves to Le Bourget, and leaves the historic premises of Bobigny.


McNeil Akron Repiquet changes its corporate name and becomes McNeil Repiquet, unveiling a new logo in the process, and moves to its new premises in Aulnay-sous-Bois.